Croatia: Photo's and comments of the courses

In 2008 and 2009 in Vukovar.

In 2010 in Osijek.

In 2011 in Zagreb.

In 2012 in Zagreb and Rijeka

In 2013 in Rijeka and Split
In 2014 in Osijek and Zagreb

In 2015 In Zagreb
In 2015 in Osijek

Abandoned houses




 Basic course in Zagreb and Osijek 2015

Your unlimited powers: you have more power than you imagine!

The subjects of the courses in Vukovar, Osijek and Zagreb, Rijeka and Split:
1. The NLP-model of communication
2. The effective presuppositions of NLP (like the map is not the territory)
3. Sharp use of your senses, visual calibration.
4. The neurological levels
5. To take your life in your own hands.
6. The 4-steps learning process.
7. Your unlimiting convictions
8. Your central nervoussystem cannot keep a denying
9. Anchoring
10. Representation systems
11. Reframing, the three perceptual positions
12. Meta and Milton language
13. Hierarchy in language
14. Yes set
15. Pacing and Leading
16. Non-Violent Communication


Where do you want take a place in your lifebus? Behind or at the drivers place?



New! 2015 for Zagreb and Osijek updated:

1 Flyer NLP Workshop Croatia April/Mai 2015

2 New English Handbook Croatia 2015.docx

3 New English Handbook Croatia 2015. PDF

4 Workbook Tvoje neogranicene 2015.docx

5 Workbook Tvoje neogranicene 2015.PDF




 'Your Unlimited Powers'
A Basic course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
By Drs. Sytse Tjallingii international certified NLP-trainer and Drs. Marlies Tjallingii, Master NLP-Practitioner

How successful are you in your life?
Many people will recognize this: You are not so successful as you whish; it looks as if you always fall in the same pitfall. You have no idea of how this happens and what you could do better. Or: you want to tell a good friend something very important for you and it seems that you don't get connection. Sometimes when you listen to somebody you hear a specific word, which reminds you of a painful incident in the past and you suddenly feel blocked.

Improving your communication with yourself and others.
At school nor we did learn to communicate with others nor with ourselves.
This fundamental course in NLP is about: How to improve your communication? How to communicate in a way that others really understand you? How do you really reach what you want to reach in your life? Which messages do you want to give to your unconscious? How to become even more successful in your work, your private life, in society?

Sharpen your senses and focus on what you want.
Attending an NLP course is a bit like attending a 'driving' school for using your brain more successfully. You will learn to recognize the 'traffic signs' in communication by sharpening your senses and learn more about the different meanings of them. It is about choosing which thoughts you want to focus on. You will learn to see the reality from different perspectives, so you will have more freedom in your interpretations and you will be able to understand better the model of the world of your partners in private, society and your daily life. NLP isn't about the content of your message. It is about the structure of your communication. NLP makes you conscious about unconscious processes and patterns.

Neuro refers to our brains, nerves and senses and representation systems. Our thoughts and behaviour start with the observations by our senses. Neuro means how to bring into play the senses (see, hear, feel, smell, taste) more effectively. To see small changes in someone's facial expression of hear when a voice starts to change. Neuro is about the nerve system. Everything you are doing, thinking or feeling is the result of what is happening in your nerve system.

Linguïstic refers to the way we represent our experiences in language. Knowledge and experience are organised in language. Linguïstic means to improve drastically the language for the external and internal dialogue, which every human being has.

Programming refers to the metaphor of the computer. With a program we mean: the way in which a person takes in information from the outside world or the way in which the memory digests this information to reach results. Programming means that there is a systemic logic in the functioning of our brains and senses, which you can improve by training.

NLP Neuro-Linguïstic Programming is a way of modelling successful people and your own successes.

The course has a handout of about 100 pages in English and in Croatian. You will find the English reader on your left at this website page.

Data and times
We expect that that every participants follows the whole course, but in case of acception we will consider all possibilities.
The program will be possible adapted according to the needs of the participants.
The instructions will be done in simple English. Translation will be done as much as necessary.
The trainers are Drs. Sytse Tjallingii, (international certified NLP-trainer, from the Netherlands) and Drs. Marlies Tjallingii- van der Werf (NLP Master Practitioner).
Sytse started the first course already in Oktober in Vukovar in 2008. Sytse and Marlies were running this course in Croatia together already in October 2009 in Vukovar and in 2010 in Ossijek, in 2011 in Zagreb and in 2012 in Rijeka, in 2013 in Rijeka and Split, in 2014 in Osijek and Zagreb, in 2015 Zagreb (volunteers for the national help phone for victims and witnesses of violent crimes) and Osijek (staff psychiatric clinic)..


Drs. Sytse T.Tjallingii:

Zwolle, The Netherlands tel. 0031-38-4608461

NLP diploms from Sytse Tjallingii


participants writing their validations on the back of their collegues, Osijek 2015