NLP in Croatia

Pictures of the course in February 2012 in Rijeka

Participants: volunteers working for the Ministry of Justice to assist victims and wittnesses of crimes in court and two professional psychologists who are working for safe wimons house and with delinquets..

Evaluations of the NLP-course Your Unlimitted Powers
February 2012 in Rijeka

Validations of the heart

1 Thanks for reminder that Iife is living, Hope our paths cross again! hm I know they will :) Mladena

2 We spent great time with you, we learned, socialised and had a lot of fun! We all gonna remember it! Ana

3 Marlies and Sytse, Thank you for enriching me. You're realy and I apriciate so much, what you are doing. You're like sunlight, lighting everything around you. I feel that NLP is going to change my life. You are for ever in my memory. Whishing you all the best! And hope to see you again! : Marina

4 Support and Fun S.Ljubavlju Jadranka, With love

5 Now I know who I am; I am calm and "patient person" I am grateful to you Dusica

6 Thank you for motivating and inspiring me! Daria

7 Dear, this NLP helps me a lot to find myself! Thank You for that love, Tina

8 If there is something you realy want, the whole is will conspire for you to get it! Ivana

9 Thank you for the magic journey in our conscious, now I know something more! Max.

10 Dear Marlies and Sytse, I want you to say thank you. I see you living what you are teaching, and it is beautiful. Thank you for learning me a lot. I will always remember you as my teachers. Hope to see you again. Paula.

11 While I'm writing this note, I would like to handle a bad feeling in me. I feel suppleness and progress. Lucijan













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