NLP in Croatia

Pictures ofthe course in may 2010 in Osijek:

the neurological levels tuning in line in the parc in front of the peacecentre in Osijek

What is your mission? How can you use it to enrich your life in future?

Sorting out the predicates in the right representation systems


Make your circle of excellence to anchor to explore your own resources better

validating each other at the end

the mental force by focussing experiment

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Reactions of the cursists in Osijek

  • I'm so happy I decided to follow this course, because it is really so inspiring, so positive giving us so many possibilities that can really enrich our lives and lives of people around us!
  • I would like if the course could last longer because the time past extremely quickly!
  • You have seen positively influence on the whole group.
  • I think that you have great sense of humor, huge knowledge and experience in practicing NLP and you 're doing it in a very positive atmosphere.
  • I think that you invested a lot of positive energy in this course.
  • I think that you are amazing people, cheerfull, inspiring teachers, that made this course really useful and interesting!
  • You showed us many new and different aspects of thinking about ourselves.

  • You know exactly how to explain something in a right way and to make someone feel great.

  • I think that you brought a lot of great examples, experiments and techniques to us
  • look to this feedback in sandwich-format