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This is one of the practical and easy applicable technickes of NLP.


    Create more happiness

Changing your state of emotions with Swish patterns
A swish pattern is a pattern of change based on sub-modalities whereby an actual situation which is experienced as negative is replaced by a desired positive situation.
Close your eyes and imagine a picture of the moment with your bad feelings. Take this image with your hands and make it smaller, fader, paler, with less contrast and push it as far away as you can with your hands.

Than put it on your hand and let the image fade into the horizon, blowing it away, while saying swish.....


And replace this image connected with the bad feelings with another picture of yourself in a desired emotional state. For example connected with a memory of a very happy moment in your life.
You make the image with the happy feelings brighter, with more contrast en bigger.

Then you take the image with your hands closer to your body. And finally you bring it to your heart while saying swish.

Or do it as in the picture:

Do this three times, and repeat it after some hours and days. This ensures lasting results.

The 'negative' image is also an anchor, which you program automatically into a new direction.

The 'positive' image will become your new anchor.

NLP Swish Pattern: Overview of the Process
1. Get the unwanted state/behavior - the Old State. ,Get the picture that represents the habit or situation the client would like to change.
2. Get the Desired State - the New State - by getting a picture of the type of person the client would like to be instead
3. Adjust the submodalities of the New State (e.g., brightness, size, distance) for the most "real" or most positive kinesthetic.
4. Bring back the Old State, and have the client step into the picture, fully associated.
5. Now shrink the New State so it's small and dark, and insert in the lower left hand corner, and the client is disassociated.
6. Simultaneously, have picture of Old State rapidly shrink and recede to a distant point while New State explodes big and bright into full view. (This can be accompanied by either an internal or external SWIIISSH sound, but is not necessary-speed is!)
7. Repeat step six a minimum of five times. Enjoy the results!

Download the powerpoint: Create happiness