Traveling NLP and Non-Violent communication and Co-counceling in Israel

Joining the International Co-counseling conference in Kibutz Bet Orem, near Haifa (Israel), October 2013

Press for photo's from 2007 and 20011 on the buttons

Marlies and Alya, from Tel Aviv


Alyia, a member of Dror who is also member of Machsom Watch

peacesong tought by Alya

Avi Butavia who is the founder and the inspiring leader of Dror

Marlies tought us this Quakersong

Intense peace workshop work by Daniel Kirchner form Jerusalem

Tia Chi in the Kibutz, under trees which were saved from the fire 4 years ago.

making music

singing near the fire

visiting Abed Abdi, Palestinian Artist in Haifa, whose art is deeply influenced by the mass deportatione. 62000 Palestinians lived in haifa before 1948, after the etnic cleansing (see Ilan Pappe, former professor in Haifa): the ethnic cleansing of Palestine) only 3500.

Fleeing for the violence by boat with his family in 1948

Model of emotions during a conflict in the peaceworkshop: With fear or anger we see only few options, if we stay silent we see much more options.