Pictures of the NLP and NVC workshop 11 January 2014 in QCEA, Brussels

Participants: members of the Quaker meeting in Brussels, Quakers from Achen, members of the staff of QCEA and a member of EMEYF from the Netherlands.

The powerpoints we used:

QCEA staff

Quakers Brussels

Handouts we used:

QCEA Staff

Quakers Brussels


The program of the day:

The neurological levels, the path to the inward world

In the whole group going from the more consciuos levels to the more unconscious levels

The exercise to discover our mission step by step higher on the staircase



Our brains are not able to store a denial: don't think on a pink elephant

Making our inner resources available: anchoring by 'the circle of excellence'

Marlies with her 'circle of excellence'

In the staircase hall going inward and let the resources come.

All the resources we feel we have

Supporting each others to come to our inner reources














Enjoying the process of feeling better our personal inner resources

Joy and humor as important inner resources